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May 19, 2020
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Reveiew: Battat Take Apart Airplane

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The Battat Take Apart Airplane fits into the great tradition of construction toys nicely. Unlike toys like Lego and Meccano, the Take Apart Airplane is aimed at very young kids who havent yet developed the kind of skills needed to build something from scratch and create their own designs, or who are too young to play safely with toys that contain lots of small parts. Lets find out how well it meets its aim of offering the construction toy experience to toddlers.Key Features Of The Take Apart Airplane* 25 pieces including 21 vehicle parts,* Includes childs power screwdriver,* Requires 2AA batteries (not included),* Suitable for ages 3+.Is The Take Apart Airplane Worth Buying?The Take Apart Airplane is a brightly colored toy that makes it immediately appealing to young kids who often need a lot of stimulation to hold their interest. Once theyre hooked, theyre unlikely to leave this toy alone as it offers hours of entertainment.The airplane is made up of 21 parts, which includes some nuts and bolts that hold together all the major pieces like the wings and propeller. The genius of this toy is that it makes the process of assembling and disassembling a toy a fun part of play, as well as playing with the toy in its own right while constructed. The airplane comes with a child-friendly power drill that allows them to screw and unscrew all the parts. When the plane is in pieces, children need to figure out how to reassemble it, testing a number of skills including their memories and mechanical understanding. On top of that, the toy promotes hand-eye coordination, helping your child to develop their motor skills as they play with the toy.One of the most important features of any toy aimed at young children is durability. Its essential that the toy can stand up to rough play, and the Take Apart Airplane handles this fantastically. Even when thrown across a room fully-assembled, the parts of the plane dont break or even crack. This ensures you wont be replacing the toy and forking out extra money any time soon.Another great thing about the Take Apart Airplane is that it comes with a plastic storage box that you can keep all of the parts in when the airplane is not being played with. This helps keep things tidy and prevents parts from getting lost.The only real criticism of this toy is that, for kids at the lowest end of its recommended age group it may be difficult to take apart and reassemble the toy. That means theyll need help from mommy or daddy while at play, but they will grow into it as they get older and develop a better understanding of how pieces fit together.Overall then, this is a really great toy that your kids are sure to love for a long time to come. Not only that, but it has educational value too. Theres really no reason not to buy this toy, so go ahead!


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