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June 3, 2020
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Reveiw: LEGO Ninjago Jay's Storm Fighter

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The LEGO Ninjago line is one of the hottest specialty lines in the LEGO world. One of the top ten Ninjago creations on the market right now is the LEGO Ninjago Jay's Storm Fighter set. It's similar to how the Blade Cycle works only this is a flying machine. You get two ninjas battling over a coveted prize, and a getaway or pursuit vehicle to chase the bad guy down. Your child gets to decide who gets the thrill of flying the jet fighter. In the case of the Storm Fighter, your child gets the Jay ZX mini figurine as the good ninja. Fangpyre Scout Snappa is the mini figure that's up to no good. He has stolen the gold Fangpyre staff with anti-venom, and Jay ZX wants to get it back. The two mini figure ninjas battle it out using two torches, a snake sword, and two ninja swords that are golden in color and come with serrated blades. The Storm Fighter itself is a mighty weapon - and the most fun part to build in the set.The Storm Fighter looks like a fighter jet. It's over 12 inches in length and 13 inches wide. The jet can race through the blue sky at super speeds (at least in your child's imagination) and use its wing attack to fight evil.Kids love the myriad of weapons and the snake staff shrine that they battle over. The fighter jet is mostly blue, with a hint of gold and black accents. The wings spread out, making the jet looks fierce. There are 242 pieces and it's so detailed it might take up to 90 minutes to put it together. Some smaller children may need a bit of help from mom or dad with it, but most kids enjoy the building process as much as they do the play portion.The Ninjago sets are really taking off - there's a TV show and even books to go along with the LEGO sets. Most people don't think of ninjas and fighter jets as being a logical pairing, but boys don't care - it's two of their favorite things all rolled into one set.If you want to get your child more of the Ninjago LEGO sets, consider some of the more popular ones such as Cole's Tread Assault, Rattlecopter, Venomari Shrine, Fangpyre Truck Ambush, Destiny's Bounty or Lasha's Bite Cycle.


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