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August 18, 2020
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Setting Up a Family Friendly Home

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Simply because you might have young children does not mean that you just cannot possess a tastefully decorated home. Below are a few great ideas that can be used for making your home more "child friendly" without needing to lock everything away.

When You Have Toddlers

Many individuals make the wrong assumption that, when they have toddlers in the home, anything that is breakable has to be locked away until it is safe to place them on display again. All you need to do is rearrange a little - glass and porcelain items and collectibles may be moved to make sure they are unreachable by placing them on a higher shelf or atop a piano. Meanwhile, baskets, silver, metal objects and wooden boxes may take their place on lower surfaces like coffee and side tables, on lower shelves, or other surfaces that are toddler-height.

Within the toddler's bedroom, you can put books and soft toys on the low shelves where they are easily accessible, and display your breakable keepsakes and picture frames on top shelves where they cannot be reached. Make sure that any pieces of furniture which could potentially tip over are attached securely to your wall so that there won't be any unfortunate accidents.

If you like cute picture frames, your son or daughter's room is an excellent spot to display some, including sweet heart picture frames or cute flower frames.

As The Children Grow

It is possible to change the baby's room into a more grown-up looking room with only a few easy changes: Replace a rocking chair by using a comfy upholstered one for reading.

If the changing table is one that's set on top of the complete dresser, then you can take off the changing table top and put some wall shelves above it for many more years of use from your dresser.

Replace "baby" fabrics and designs with more mature ones like plaids or stripes which are in the same general color scheme so that they'll still complement the rest of the room (walls and floors).

When it's time to move past large floor toys for babies, replace these with a little table and chairs set (be sure the chairs are sturdy) to get a nice place for your child to color, play games with friends or have a "tea party." It's always nice to give a child a place of their very own to play both alone and with friends.

If your child's room has "baby" wallpaper, change it out with washable vinyl paper in a very light color that coordinates with any fabrics in the room.

Closed In Storage Space

When you have kids, there never seems to be enough storage space. One choice is to keep out of season clothing in closed storage bins away from sight, an excellent location is on the very top shelf in their closet.

Whether it's in the child's room or some other room of your house where your son or daughter plays, it's nice to have some open shelving for children to have their toys and books, but it's also nice to keep some of them out from sight to get a less cluttered look, and hopefully less overall mess. A trunk of some type is desirable for many people, but be cautious with this particular choice because the lid might slam upon your son or daughter's little fingers. A less dangerous method to have closed storage is within cabinets which have sliding doors or doors and drawers that open out, or perhaps a mixture of both. You can easily find such storage cabinets that will fit inside a closet, too.

So, don't despair if you have got an infant that will soon turn into a toddler. Try these tips and both you and your child can enjoy your home.


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