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August 3, 2020
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Are Your Kids Struggling In The Classroom?

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Failing grades, refusal to complete homework, discipline problems and constant complaints about school are all signs your child is struggling in the classroom. Kids fall behind in class work for a variety reasons. Tutoring can help fix the situation.

Before finding a tutor, you need to determine why the student is struggling. The problem could be physical. Your child may have poor eyesight or a hearing loss. A struggling reader might have undiagnosed dyslexia or other learning problems. Sometimes an emotional upset caused by bullying, abuse, divorce, a family death or even the death of a beloved pet can trigger depression and indifference to learning.

A learning problem may also be the result of what your child is experiencing at school. Budget cuts in most states have led to bigger classes. A shy child in a large class may not want to ask for help. Standardized test scores are now tied to school financing in many states. Schools are pushing students to perform well on these exams. This type of high stakes testing can stress children. Of course, a student's struggles could be caused by boredom. Bright children may not be able to move ahead at a pace that will keep them interested in the curriculum.

No matter the cause, a knowledgeable tutor can definitely help your struggling child. Tutors provide one-on-one assistance. They are able to step back to the point where the child began to have problems and thoroughly re-teach lessons. Their ability to provide the right curriculum at the right speed can gradually bring a student back to grade level work. Tutors will accelerate learning for bright kids who need the challenge.

Good tutors are available for all subjects. A maths tutor can do anything from helping an elementary student conquer the multiplication tables to teaching a senior how to solve calculus problems. These tutors know that kids have different learning styles. They may use visual, auditory and physical exercises to help their students understand concepts.

English tutors know how to determine a student's reading level. They will focus on specific problems, such as suffix recognition, and help kids get over these humps. A good English tutor will encourage a child's love of reading. These tutors may also help students with reading comprehension, spelling skills, grammar and writing.

The best tutors know how to establish good rapport with students. They provide needed feedback and encourage success. Tutoring does help students who are struggling in school.


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