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September 30, 2020
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Babies and Finances Find the Bargains

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Be a shrewd shopper when it comes to baby items. Ask your OB-Gyn physician or hospital if they have a sign-up packet. Many manufacturers will send packets of coupons and offers to new mothers. You can look online at company websites to see if they have coupons, offers, or loyalty programs. These will help you save money on the products you'll use, such as formula, diapers and baby food. You can also watch the weekly circulars of big box department stores such as Babies R Us or Target for weekly baby deals and stock up on diapers and other supplies. Don't overlook discount and closeout stores for baby supplies and clothes. Also, ask new moms what some of their favorite bargain baby shopping places are to scope out hot deals. Don't go all new! Check with friends and family for any baby items they may no longer need. You may end up with several new items you won't have to purchase! You can also try shopping at a store like Once Upon a Child, where parents trade in gently-used children's items. Babies grow very quickly and sometimes wear an outfit only once or twice before outgrowing it. Gently-used clothing can be a great money saver.


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