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November 6, 2020
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Caring for Your Child With Asthma

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Your child's asthma may be caused by specific stimuli or irritants. When exposed to these irritants, which cause dryness in the throat and airway, your child's body reacts by producing excess mucus as lubrication. The resulting cough and wheezing sound you can hear when your child is experiencing an asthma attack is caused by the excess mucus building up in the airway and lungs.

While airborne irritants can be asthma triggers, an attack can also be brought on by exercise, an infection, a change in the weather or even emotional factors. Proper care of your child during an asthma attack is vitally important.

It is important, if you can, to discover what caused your child's asthma attack. As soon as possible ask the child what she was doing at the time of the attack and if your child was at school or in child care at the time check with her teacher or carer if there was anything in particular that produced the attack. Try to keep a diary of your child's health to identify patterns of her asthma attacks.

To help you with the proper management of your child's asthma you will need the assistance of health professionals. Your child's physician would be the most suitable person to give advice regarding the best treatment plan for the present asthma condition of your child. You should find a physician whom you can trust and can easily communicate with.

Should your family doctor suggest an asthma management plan for your child, this should be followed, but it is vital that this is explained properly both to you, as a parent, and to any other carers responsible for the child's wellbeing. A good relationship with your child's physician will make for a more relaxed home management of asthma and this will be of benefit to your child and to you.

The 3 most important factors in the care of a child with asthma are proper treatment, knowledge of what causes it and care of the child.

While you may not be able to predict when your child is going to suffer an asthma attack, proper care and attention can alleviate the symptoms. A home management plan can assist greatly in controlling your child's asthma and regular consultations with your family physician will also help.

Do not allow your concern for your child's welfare to affect your relationship with your child. What she needs most is your reassurance that you can help her manage her asthma and your love is as important to her wellbeing as any medication.


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